Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to Spec a Dump Body

When spec’ing a dump body to get the most bang for your buck, there are many questions to consider. First, what is the primary function of the unit? Will it be used in the summer for road stabilization or culvert cleaning, or in the winter for plowing or leaf collection? When you know these basics, the rest follows. What is your load capacity? Factor the legal weight and distance of the typical route. The least amount of time in the garage equals more profitability for you. Your operators: can they handle the equipment you are buying? When you are planning on the life of your vehicle, you want to factor in your maintenance facilities and staff, and how much you would like to get back out of it when you do sell it. An economical way of extending the life of your truck is to have it refurbished at J&J Truck Bodies and Trailers. Be sure to consider how you intend to make the purchase – will you bid it from one supplier or multiple suppliers? Will you add this purchase to an existing contract?

Once you’ve answered your basic questions regarding your best needs, it’s time to pick your truck! What size do you need? Again, consider the legal weight of your load, and performance you require from the truck. What you will be hauling, and how often, will dictate the design and materials you should require on your dump body. What options do you want? Gate door, airgate, chute, etc., our experts can help you configure your model. If you need a hoist, you need to consider the capacity, location, and type of mount. A good website for more information on hoists is

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Ron Wright has fifty years of truck equipment experience and is a recognized expert in government fleet equipment specification. He provides counsel and training to many chassis OEMs and state transportation authorities. Ron is respected in the industry for his knowledge of hydraulics, his integrity and his faith. He is a member of the Fluid Power Society, the American Public Works Association, and he is civically active as a Mason and a Shrine member.