Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Beyond Trucks - Custom Fabrication Projects

Somerset Welding & Steel is manufacturing steel vessels for six different models of mine safety chambers. The chambers provide oxygen, food, water, and safe haven for miners in case of emergency. The walk-in chambers are equipped with air-locks to purge poisonous mine air prior to entering the main safety chamber.

Here, J&J welders work on a steel bed that will be installed on rubber tracked carriers as shown below. The carriers are used by rail and utility companies to clear rough and swampy terrain, making it ready for installation of oil and gas pipelines, railroad tracks, and general construction.

Recently, J&J completed 4 highly customized manifold trailers used in hydraulic fracturing operations. J&J worked closely with our customer through requirements development, design, finite element analysis
(FEA), manufacture, and commissioning of the trailers. Frequently, J&J and the customer’s team collaborated on design and analysis through web conferences, allowing for faster decision making and eliminating time consuming and costly travel.

J&J’s new Dyna Sanders with integrated dust control are environmentally friendly while giving operators best-in-class features to move high volume sand “down hole.” With the Cummins power, electric over hydraulic valves with manual back up, selfraising hand rails, articulating rear conveyor, and 360° access E-stop, the J&J Dyna Sander is designed to keep operators safe and Frac crews fracking. J&J’s Dyna Sander includes proven integrated dust control technology to capture airborne silica dust off the sander top hatches, main conveyor, rear conveyor, the T-belt, and the blender.


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