Monday, October 29, 2012

Natural Gas Usage by US Trucks Likely to Increase Dramatically

Hunter Truck Sales, Smithfield, PA, provided this Peterbilt chassis and J&J mounted a polished aluminum 19 and a half ft. dump body with 72 inch sides. DynaHauler Material Haulers (MH) are J&J’s most popular brand. According to a recent article on, the use of natural gas in U.S. trucks and fleet vehicles could skyrocket over the next two decades as low prices and new infrastructure provide incentive to switch to the cheap fuel. This research report was released last month. Record increases in U.S. natural gas production, thanks to prolific shale deposits, have pushed prices to 10-year lows this year, and they are likely to remain depressed, making it an attractive alternative to more expensive diesel for the foreseeable future.

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