Thursday, February 21, 2013

Introducing J&J's Dynahauler EVO MPB (Multipurpose Body)

Available Spring 2013

J&J regularly reviews customer satisfaction metrics and customer feedback, internal key performance indicators (KPI), and engages in strategic planning. These activities help us determine how we are doing, new product opportunities and what we can do to enhance our customer's return on the investment in our products. 

The new J&J EVO MPB (Multi-Purpose Body) is an output from these activities. The MPB is the lightest weight truck mounted center conveyor in the industry. Purpose built for higher payloads, mitigation of roll over risk, and low overhead working conditions, the Dyna-Paver is designed for “The Long Haul”. This design features J&J’s insulated high strength aluminum EVO series side conveyor panels, variable speed asphalt rated conveyor, Hardox abrasion resistant sub-floor, and double acting tailgate for metered or high speed unloading.

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