Thursday, February 21, 2013

On the Road With J&J

More payload, more profit! This multi-purpose dump body is an excellent solution for hauling asphalt today and shot rock tomorrow. The J&J ultra light steel dump body is comparable to aluminum dump bodies in weight with the proven impact and abrasion resistance of HARDOX steel. Harvey Mack Sales & Service provided the Mack GU713 chassis. 

The half round barrel style is idea for use in asphalt hauling and paving applications. The dump body is designed to allow material to easily flow into paving hoppers or stockpiled into targeted areas. Available in steel or aluminum and in 13 to 20' lengths. Cleveland Brothers provided the Caterpillar CT660 chassis.

J&J’s most popular model, the MH dump body is the workhorse of coal and aggregate hauling. Available in aluminum and steel, these precision engineered dump bodies are built to specification and will withstand many years of hard use. Elliott Eilson Capitol Trucks provided the Peterbilt 389 chassis.

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