Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ten New Trucks for Monmouth County

In response to a bid proposal advertised by the County of Monmouth, New Jersey, Bristol Donald Company, Mid-Atlantic Truck Centre and J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers worked together to successfully complete a specification package and submit the lowest responsive bid, based on the operational requirements of Monmouth County. Monmouth County designs equipment and trucks to meet their severe duty operational requirements to minimize life cycle costs and down time. The ten trucks were designed to be versatile for snow and ice control operations, paving, dredging projects, and heavy hauling.
Once the bid was awarded, John W. Tobia, the County’s Director of the Department of Public Works and Engineering, played a pivotal role in the fabrication process, keeping in close contact with J&J sales and quality control departments.This resulted in a flawless delivery of trucks and equipment.
The Monmouth County Public Works and Engineering Department is responsible for the maintenance, construction and repairs of 1,000 lane miles of roads, 980 bridges, 270 traffic control devices, 35 building complexes, a landfill, and a ferry terminal.The trucks have performed extremely well in carrying out these duties and were deployed during the rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Sandy along the coastal areas.
The County has also recently awarded another bid to J&J for ten single axle trucks with dump bodies, spreaders and associated equipment.

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