Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Letter from Jerry Johnson - Vice President of Sales

If you’ve ever listened to a motivational speaker, chances are you’ve heard them use the word  “momentum”  many times in their presentation. Momentum in industry is defined as the power to increase or develop at an ever-growing pace. 2013 has been  a very challenging year, but J&J was able to identify key market areas that are expanding, and focus on developing products that are key to those industries. The second half of this year has picked up dramatically, and we look forward to 2014 with great optimism.

Our core customer base has grown significantly over the past several years, and we continue working hard to make sure this continues. Over the next year you’ll see new faces being introduced, as we continue to expand our sales group, focusing on existing key market areas and expanding our efforts into new markets.

Through the good times and the tough times J&J has always held to a few primary beliefs:

  • If you build a quality product at a competitive price, people will recognize and buy quality.
  • If you stand behind your product with top notch parts and service personnel, people will recognize the effort, and your business will grow.
  • Treat everyone with respect;  build relationships; take the high road.

We know you have many choices when it comes to buying
any of the products we manufacture, and that is why all the employees at J&J will continue to work as hard as we possibly can to earn your business. The number one goal we’ve adopted as an organization is TO SATISFY YOU, OUR CUSTOMER. We want to wish you a Blessed Holiday season, and a healthy, happy, and successful New Year.

And thanks again for your business.

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