Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CNG Conversion Training: Getting Ready for Alternative Fuels

At J&J Truck Equipment, we recognize that domestically produced, alternative fuels such as CNG, LNG, Propane and DME will be preferred truck fuels of the future. J&J Truck Equipment has been training technicians and performing contracts to provide fuel system conversions and up-fit alternative fuel vehicles. In addition to investing in technical training, J&J will be adding two CNG powered pick-up trucks to our fleet as we embrace cleaner burning natural gas as a domestically produced energy source.

J&J technicians have been trained on:

  • Mechanics and engineering of the alternative fuel systems
  • Economic savings calculations
  • Installation of electrical sub-system, fuel sub-system including pressure vessels, high pressure gas lines, filters, and safety devices
  • Programming to achieve optimum vehicle performance
    Adam and Lucas are two J&J technicians who
    recently completed CNG fuel systems training.

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