Monday, November 3, 2014

Trucks Built Your Way!

Colonial Ford Truck Sales ordered a J&J chipper body for their customer’s F550 truck. These custom built bodies come in various sizes and configurations and are most commonly used for landscaping and mulching applications. The aluminum body construction allows owner/
operators to haul maximum payload, increasing
productivity and profitability.
Call today and let J&J put together a 
specification package that meets your needs.

Shively Motors sent J&J Truck Equipment a Dodge Ram 5500 and we installed a aluminum dump body, tool boxes, snowplow, de-icer spreader, and a tarping system. These aluminum dump bodies for one-ton chassis save about 500 lbs. over steel dumps, but offer the same hoist ratings to get jobs done quickly using less fuel.

Why Good Chassis Arrival Dates And VIN Numbers Are Critical

Managing a production schedule is difficult. To salesmen, customers, and individuals that are not involved in work order processing and production planning, it may seem like voodoo and witchcraft, seasoned with a little crazy. It is not. Production planning is based on 4 things:

    1.) Labor availability.
    2.) Raw material availability.
    3.) Long lead time component availability (critical path).
    4.) Chassis arrival date and VIN  (to identify chassis by J&J work order).

To describe something complex, simply, J&J’s production schedule is based on chassis arrival date and the first available production slot (labor) after the chassis arrival date. In certain cases, production may be scheduled based on a long lead time component delivery date (critical path), if that date occurs after the chassis arrival date and after first available production date. J&J has control of items 1 – 3 in the list above. J&J does not have control of number 4 – chassis arrival and VIN. You have control over accurate chassis arrival dates and accurate VIN. 

Bad chassis arrival dates cause major scheduling problems. The first time a chassis arrival date is missed, the corresponding work order rolls back in the schedule one week and a good order (chassis arrived) is pulled forward. If chassis arrival misses the second week, the work order is pulled from the production schedule and placed in “Unscheduled” purgatory until chassis arrival can be validated; then the work order is placed in the next available production slot. The next available slot may be significantly later than the original scheduled date. You may ask, “Why do you do that? It’s not fair.” J&J processes and produces hundreds of work orders a month. Bad chassis arrival dates wreak havoc on the production schedule. Our answer, “It is not fair to customers with work orders that have good chassis arrivals to allow schedule churn for poor communication.”

 What can I do to assure my work orders are produced when scheduled?
•  Provide the best possible chassis arrival date when you place your order with J&J.
• As chassis delivery dates from the OEM become firm, communicate those dates to your J&J sales representative or to the factory.
• Assure your body specifications, chassis arrival, and VINs are firm no later than 3 weeks before scheduled production at J&J.

Help us, help you satisfy your customers and meet their delivery expectations.

Check Out Our Customers!

R.L. Hannah & Sons, a trucking company based in Harrisonville, Missouri, sent J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers this picture of their Peterbilt’s first day on the job with a new dump body. The chassis was mounted with a J&J MH EVO smooth side polished aluminum dump body. R.L. Hannah was founded by Russell Leroy Hannah over 50 years ago with one dump truck. Today his wife, Francis, still runs the company with daughter Sharon Green. They operate a fleet of close to 30 trucks that haul rock, sand, and road salt in Kansas and Missouri.

According to Tim Green,  “This is the first bed I have ever seen that when loaded with 25-30 tons of material the sides didn’t bow out. It didn’t matter, out here where we are, whether aluminum or steel, the sides would bow out but not on this one.”

Send your photos to us and, if selected, we’ll publish in the newsletter.
Email them to: with your name and company name with a brief description.
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Thursday, October 30, 2014

J&J Trailers Going to Work Overseas

Mack Trucks ordered 8 half round dump trailers for their tractors that are going to work in Nigeria. J&J’s half round dump trailers are built with J&J Body Armor which is available in 400 or 450 Brinell hardness with chemical composition, hardness, and yield strength similar to Mil Spec armor plate. J&J Body Armor™ is a wear and impact resistant steel designed for severe duty applications, or light weight steel bodies and trailers that maximize payload and equipment service life. Maximize profit from your capital equipment investment. Cost effective, high strength J&J Body Armor,™ the right steel
for your body.  

Equipment Solutions, located in Curacao, ordered a steel push out trailer that will be used to haul waste to landfills. Curacao is a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands and located off the coast of Venezuela.
J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers is one of the few companies who has been manufacturing push out trailers for close to 30 years. Precision engineered to haul waste and sludge.

Full-Service Welding, Hydraulics and Fabrication!

Somerset Welding & Steel is a full-service welding, hydraulics, and fabrication facility. The company offers a wide variety of services, including welding, hydraulics, machining and finishing.

Our engineering staff uses the state-of-the-art software technology and our expert workforce uses the latest robotics, computers, and tooling to manufacture custom products for our customers. We also provide 3D modeling and detailed proposal drawings.

In addition, we have web conferencing capabilities which allow you to easily and conveniently check in with our team to view designs, drawings, and to discuss your projects. These technologies save you time and money.

We partner with our customers to provide them with unparalleled service and support during the entire phase of their project. Somerset Welding clients have been relying on us for over 55 years to provide them with quality products, expert workmanship, and on-time delivery.

The next time your plans call for custom welding and fabrication, give 
Somerset Welding a call. We’ll be happy to provide quotes and drawings.  
800.598.8552 /

NEW Addition to the J&J Product Line!

Liquid Propane Gas Tank
Our Liquid Propane Gas tanks and trailers feature superior
construction and craftsmanship.
We are excited to announce that J&J Truck Bodies & trailers has added Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) tanks to  our oil and gas product line. The tanks are designed and built by our qualified and knowledgeable personnel who  are backed by years of experience in engineering, welding, and fabrication.

J&J tanks are precision engineered to meet DOT regulations and are tested prior to delivery. Depend on J&J to provide you with competitive quotes and to  manufacture to your specification. We are also planning to introduce MC-331 transport trailers and propane service trucks in early 2015.

Let J&J quote your next tank truck.

Think Of It As Refriger-Nation

 According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac another teeth-chatteringly cold winter is on its way across the United States. “Colder is just almost too familiar a term,” Editor Janice Stillman said. “Think of it as a refriger-nation.”

With its traditionally 80 percent accurate weather forecasts, The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts that this winter will be another arctic blast with above-normal snowfall throughout much of the nation.

At J&J Truck Equipment, we have everything you’ll need to maintain safe roadways, parking lots, and driveways this winter. J&J Truck Equipment is an authorized distributor for leading snow and ice equipment brands such as Boss, Fisher, Tenco, ProTech, Henke, and Swenson. Let our knowledgeable, factory trained staff help you select the equipment that meets your needs and your budget.

J&J's product lines include the industry's best offerings of snow and ice removal equipment.

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Service Bodies Keep Trucks and Equipment Working on the Job Site

With rugged steel construction and external storage for tools and equipment, service trucks are key components in your day to day productivity. They can be outfitted with many different options such as fuel transfer tanks, air compressors, welders, and shelving and light packages. At J&J Truck Equipment, we can put together a specification package that meets your specific requirements. From standard specs, to custom configurations, rely on the J&J sales and production teams to deliver your truck back to you, ready to work and ready to save you time and money.

Call J&J for all your truck equipment needs. 
We deliver fast and accurate quotes, excellent service, and quality products.

Roll-Off Trucks Ready to Handle Heavy Loads

 J&J Truck Bodies & TrailersJ&J Truck Equipment recently installed roll-off hoists on two trucks supplied by Hunter Keystone Peterbilt. The outside rail roll-off hoist is the most commonly used hoist in the industry and features inside controls that reduce the chance of driver injury. The trucks were also outfitted with Roll-Rite tarp systems that are engineered for the heavy-duty demands of hooklift and cable roll-offs. The patented knuckle-pivot technology allows arms to sit on top of the load, eliminating side arm interference or width restrictions.

Vocational Truck Sales Climb as Construction, Energy Grow

Chassis provided by The Pete Store, Landover.
Recent articles in Heavy Duty Trucking  and Trailer Body Builders indicate that demand for vocational trucks continues to be pushed by oil and gas producers, road building, and municipal business. Last September, 43,3000 total Class 5-8 orders were booked, up 21% from a year ago. And, over the past twelve months, Class 5-8 net orders have totaled 540,000 units. That cumulative order volume represents the strongest 12-month period for Class 5-8 order placement since the twelve months ending November 2005.
 At J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers, we can provide our customers with the equipment to outfit their vocational trucks with a full and robust product line-up that meets the requirements of the construction and energy industries.

2015 Spring Buy Program in Full Swing!

Last month, J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers launched a Spring Buy program that encourages dealers and end users to get orders placed for spring delivery as soon as possible. Based on current conditions and leading truck forecasts, J&J is anticipating a strong 2015. We expect our dump body plant to be operating at maximum capacity and want to make sure J&J customers have the inventory they will need to turn trucks without long lead time from their upfitters. 

Call J&J today to reserve your 
2015 Spring Dump Body Production Slots.

A Letter from Jerry Johnson

Jerry Johnson -  VP of Sales

The Momentum Continues

2014 has been everything we projected it to be and then some! We see the positive business climate and demand for truck bodies, trailers and tanks continuing to grow through 2015. With this demand, J&J has introduced the 2015 Dealer Spring Buy Program to help assure that you have production capacity when you need it this coming spring. While we are already booking orders for end users and fleets in January, February, and March, we have set aside planned capacity to support dealers bringing in their spring inventory. 

We recognize you have other choices when it comes to truck bodies and trailers. We hope that you recognize “planning” as one of the values that set us apart. While we are not perfect, the management team and workforce at J&J spends considerable time planning our work, managing our production schedule and looking forward to meet the needs of our customers. If you are engaged in planning for 2015 and concerned about long lead times from up-fitters interfering with your ability to turn inventory, call us and see if Spring Buy might be a solution.

At J&J, we are continuously looking at new or growth market segments where we can add value as a supplier and to expand our foot print in the truck equipment industry. This year we are introducing the chassis mounted J&J LPG Bobtail for the retail distribution of liquid propane gas and are now accepting orders with full rate production ramping up through the end of the 4th quarter. Additionally, we will be introducing the J&J LPG Bulk Transport Trailer in the 1st quarter of 2015. Exciting times and new opportunities as a result of America’s energy renaissance.

It is hard to believe we are in the last quarter of 2014. A year ago we began talking about the positive momentum we saw building at J&J and in our industry. I am happy to report the momentum continues to build and we are committed to doing everything in our power to continue to earn your business. It is my privilege to once again thank you for your business, wish you a happy holiday season and a prosperous 2015.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Amazing Before and After!

Extend the life of your existing equipment with quality refurbishing and repair at J&J Truck Equipment.

For over 50 years, fleet managers, dealers, and operators have relied on our expertise for all their service and repair work.  At J&J, we offer a full range of services from welding and fabricating to truck body repairing and painting.  Our team of expert technicians has a combined pool of over 100 years in repair experience.

You can rely on J&J for excellent workmanship and a finished product that will last for years. We don’t compromise on quality. Let us prove it by allowing us to quote on your next repair job.

For More Information visit:

Customer Spotlight!

Hylka Construction Company, Inc.

Hylka Construction ordered this J&J dump body through
Toll Road Truck & Trailer, E. Bridgewater, MA
Hylka Construction Company Inc. was established in 1948 and has grown to become a respected aggregate producer and supplier in southern Worcester County. They manufacture washed aggregate and sand for use in all commercial and residential projects throughout their area, including ready-mixed concrete, asphalt production, and pre-cast products such as paving stones and retaining wall blocks. The Hylka fleet of trucks and owner operators provides them with a reputation for timely delivery of products to their valued customers.  The  2002 Volvo Tri-axle was recently mounted with a new J&J aluminum Material Hauler (MH) and it is used to  primarily transport crushed stone and washed sand.  In addition, the company racquired a 2006 Mack CV713 that came equipped with a J&J body that features a high-lift gate. The J&J dump body was a key feature in deciding to make this acquisition. 

New Lube Truck for Lehigh Hanson

One of the largest building materials manufacturers in North America, Lehigh Hanson, ordered this J&J lube truck that will be used to service and repair equipment at their production sites, both on the surface and underground. The company produces cement, aggregates (crushed rock, sand and gravel), ready mixed concrete, asphalt, and a range of other building materials including precast concrete products, pressure and gravity pipes, roof tiles, and clay bricks.
The Ford F750 was mounted with a platform body. Oil, fuel, and grease product tanks were installed along with an air compressor & underbody tool boxes. Hoses and reels are located at the rear of the enclosed cargo area.
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A Workhorse in the Oil and Gas Industry

Winch tractors are the workhorse of the oil and gas fields. J&J’s new severe service winch package is engineered to maximize productivity with a focus on operator comfort. From the full length, lockable chain trays and heavy-duty, easy access work platform, to the optional wireless remote controls, J&J’s winch rigging will keep your loads moving under the most demanding conditions.

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J&J Truck Equipment Welcomes New Regional Sales Manager

Rick Springer - Regional Sales Manager

Rick Springer Joins the Team

Rick Springer recently joined the J&J Truck Equipment team as a regional sales manager. Rick is based in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and will be responsible for truck equipment sales throughout eastern Pennsylvania. He has been involved in heavy equipment and vocational truck sales for over two decades and adds a wealth of knowledge and experience to the J&J team. 

Springer will be responsible for increasing sales and providing product support for J&J Truck Equipment’s robust line of service and crane bodies, winch trucks, lubrication trucks, flat beds, and snow and ice equipment. “We are excited to bring Rick on board, and we are confident that his past experience and customer service skills will contribute to the growth of our company,” said David Spear, general manager of J&J Truck Equipment.

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Fully Loaded Custom Service Trucks

This custom crane service body that’s mounted on a Ford chassis features every component needed to make repairs on job sites fast and easy. Along with standard equipment such as a 3200 lb. capacity crane, welder, and air compressor, the truck also has an enclosed canopy area that will function as a mechanic’s workroom. That enclosure is outfitted with shelving, drawers, work table, lighting, skylight, and bottle holders that can hold small oxygen and acetylene bottles. In addition, the body has a three product lubrication system with mounting for three 55 gallon drums, air operated product pumps, reels and discharge nozzles.

The J&J customer, a gas company, really thought of everything when putting this specification package together, and with the assistance of J&J Truck Equipment’s design and sales team, engineered a truly unique and one-of-a kind truck.

Like our custom work check out some or our specialty fabrications.

Flatbed Dumper Features Log Loader and More

Barr International provided the International chassis and J&J Truck Equipment personnel installed a Knapheide flatbed dumper and a Prentice crane to the rear of the cab. The flatbed body also features removable sides, double swing steel grate tailgate, and underbody tool boxes. The customer, Wicomico County in Maryland, will primarily use the truck to pick up whitegoods (washers, dryers, refrigerators, etc.) and take them to recycling centers within the county. Metal from whitegoods can be recycled again and again to make new products.

Wicomico County, on a daily average, processes 290 tons of solid waste along with a regional recycling facility that processes recyclable materials for end users. In addition, it also operates 11 convenience centers, (that accept recyclables) and nine recycling convenience drop-off centers.

J&J Manufactures Truck Equipment to Meet Growing Demand

A total of 13 J&J Pressure Vacuum Tank (PVT) trucks
 were recently ordered by a natural gas drilling company.
Pictured here are 4 of the tankers.  The chassis were
 provided by Hunter Truck Sales, Butler, PA (08697).
As the Appalachian Basin activity keeps growing, J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers has seen an increase in orders for truck equipment to support this growth. According to the Unconventional Gas Output Report, the Marcellus shale has fundamentally altered the outlook for the US natural gas industry. The US is emerging as a low-cost chemicals producer and is poised to become an exporter of natural gas—a feat unthinkable just 5 years ago when it was widely believed that increasing LNG imports would be needed to meet domestic demand. J&J has been busy manufacturing pressure vacuum tanks, rigging winch tractors, and lubrication trucks for customers involved in the production of natural gas.

New Trucks for Construction Hauling and Highway Paving

J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers’ manufacturing plants are busy fulfilling orders for customers who are expanding and/or replacing their fleets. Typically these customers are working in the construction and/or paving industries and this year is no different. Highway Motors sent 5 International chassis and ordered aluminum Material Haulers (MH) to be installed while a division of Lindy Paving sent 6 Peterbilt trucks to get polished aluminum dump Half Round (HR) dump bodies mounted. Everyone at J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers appreciates the business and the trust placed in us to deliver quality products that are Built for the Long Haul.

A Letter from Mike Riggs

Mike RiggsAlternative Fuels Coming On-Line

Summer is here, the overhead doors are open, and J&J is pumping trucks out of the plant with construction, energy, and municipal spending driving sales. 2014 has taken off. We hope that you, our customers and industry partners, are experiencing the strong uptick we are experiencing.

It has been exciting to watch and participate in the energy boom that is taking place in the United States. Unconventional shale gas and oil are truly changing the energy outlook for our country. Real capital investment in alternative fuel trucks is following suit. On that note, J&J is finishing up our first large fleet order of Class 8, dedicated CNG dump trucks. J&J was involved in the CNG fuel system install and up-fitting the dump bodies and hydraulic systems. There are more dedicated fleets on the way.

As we have watched the energy picture for the country change, J&J has been reacting to this exciting change by partnering with world class solutions providers such as Landi – Renzo and dHybrid Systems to provide natural gas fuel systems for light, medium and heavy duty trucks, upgrading facilities with natural gas fueling capability, and training and certifying technicians to safely and efficiently work on these new systems. Additionally in 2014, J&J will be introducing our new line of DOT MC-331 propane “bobtail” tanks for retail propane delivery and DOT MC331 propane transport trailers for bulk delivery.

Like us, we understand that you are looking at changes in the market and positioning yourselves to take advantage of that change. If truck bodies, trailers, truck equipment or tier 1 sub-contract manufacturing are part of your change, we would like you to consider us as a strong partner. We are always interested in hearing your ideas and participating if we can add value. We wish you an enjoyable summer with family and friends during your time off and hope your “hair blown back” busy when you’re on.


Michael D. Riggs
Senior Vice President

Trucks Arrive at J&J for CNG Fuel System and Dump Body Installations!


J&J's First Major Fleet of Dedicated CNG Dump Trucks

In May, ten trucks that will run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) were delivered to J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers. J&J technicians helped to install the d-HYBRID fuel systems and the units were then outfitted with J&J aluminum dump bodies. As reported in Trailer Body Builders, alternative fuels, particularly natural gas, are gaining market share quickly. CNG is ideal for fleet managers looking for alternatives to costly gasoline and diesel fuel and that’s one of the reasons why Michael Forte, the proud owner of these trucks, decided install CNG tanks on his company’s new Peterbilts which he purchased from Hunter Peterbilt, Clarksburg, NJ. Forte owns MJF Materials, a company he started in 2002 with one truck. Over the years, the company has grown and now operates 25 trucks that haul sand and stone from quarries to asphalt and concrete plants in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. His current customers include Eureka Stone Quarry, JDM Materials, Delaware Valley Concrete, and American Asphalt.

Michael Forte's (center) CNG fuel station ground-breaking
with staff from South Jersey and City Pont Construction.
Michael Forte believes that CNG is the future when it comes to alternative fuels. He maintains that it is clean, renewable, and safer than diesel. According to Forte, “I do not want to support foreign oil coming into this country when we have more CNG in our own country. The United States has the largest supply of natural gas in the world, so I say let’s keep Americans working in America.”

To support these efforts, he is building a state-of-the-art CNG station on his property that will have 4 Fast-Fills and 48 Slow-Fills. Currently there are 33 CNG stations in New Jersey. Only 7 are open to the public and they are Fast-Fills. Forte plans to open his Fast-Fills to the public while his Slow-Fills will be used for his private use and outside commercial use.
The Forte CNG filling station will have 4 Fast-Fills and 48 Slow-Fills.
At this point, Michael Forte and his company, MJF Materials, has the largest commercial fleet of dedicated CNG tri-axle dump trucks in the country. It is easy to see that Forte is completely committed to CNG. “We can create and rebuild our infrastructure with new technology and new jobs. Let us put America and Americans first,” says Forte.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Letter from Bill Riggs: Looking to the Future

"Just waiting for the sun"... that's what it can seem like to a manufacturer doing business in the snowy mountains of Pennsylvania. However, the J&J staff has been hard at it, starting 2014 project work, improving manufacturing processes, and ramping up for a strong spring. J&J and JJTE backlogs are building, with the energy sector and construction projects driving demand. Approval of federal and state money for road and infrastructure projects along with increases in drilling, mid-stream projects, and energy services has spurred confidence in capital equipment purchases.

J&J is committed to Continuous Improvement as one of the foundational elements of our quality policy and driver of Customer Satisfaction. An example of Continuous Improvement is J&J's 6S and Lean Cell program. In 2013, J&J invested heavily in tooling and cell design for four chassis integration lines (14 work cells) in the main dump body plant. The end result was work cells with common toolboxes, tooling and fabrication equipment, optimized for the installation of hydraulic systems, chassis controls, suspension and frame modification work. Technicians can be moved to any of the four integration lines and are immediately familiar with the location of all tools and the equipment needed to perform the task at hand.

In 2014, J&J will be investing heavily again in other key manufacturing processes to achieve greater efficiencies. How does this help me? When things are "rocking and rolling" this spring and you need to turn trucks, J&J processes are optimized to get your truck in and out, helping you meet your contract or customer commitments.

The entire team at J&J Truck Bodies and Trailers and J&J Truck Equipment is looking forward to a new year with all of its excitement, challenges and rewards. If you are reading this as a customer or supplier or you just have an interest in J&J, we value your relationship and interest in our company. Keep us in mind if you need a strong partner.

Bill Riggs
Welding & Steel

Photos from J&J Customers

Typically J&J "builds and ships" dump bodies to authorized distributor, Bradco Supply, so we were happy that we were able to snap a couple of shots after one of the J&J light-duty dump bodies was mounted on a Ford truck at their facility in Towanda, PA.

Hunter Keystone Peterbilt submitted this great photo on behalf of their customer, Rodota Trucking & Excavating. The trucks are mounted with polished aluminum J&J Materials Hauler (MH) dump bodies.

The Long Hauler Turns 15

Fifteen years ago, J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers published its first issue of The Long Hauler. According to Shahira Hoffman, Marketing Communications Manager, "Back then, we started with a very modest circulation of 2,265. Over the years we have grown our lists, and currently, the distribution is close to 17,000. The Long Hauler has been an excellent way for J&J to communicate with our customers, prospects, distributors, and suppliers. The quarterly newsletter is an important part of J&J's direct marketing initiative and is a collaborative team effort. Throughout the years, we've been very happy with the positive feedback we have received regarding our content and pictures. The Long Hauler also demonstrates J&J's commitment to our industry and the customers we serve."

In addition to publishing The Long Hauler, Shahira also maintains J&J's Facebook page which was created in 2010, making J&J one of the very first body companies to secure a social media presence.

Join the J&J Team as an Authorized Distributor!

J&J Authorized Distributors have the ability to capitalize on a global brand with 55+ years of experience and leadership in manufacturing the highest quality truck bodies and trailers in the marketplace.

Our distributors are backed by a dedicated, dependable, and highly trained service organization to help you address the needs and demands of today's customer.

As a J&J Distributor, you will have access to important programs and tools to help you market and sell J&J products and grow your business.

Full line, Commercial, and Municipal distributorships are available in a wide variety of locations including Mid-Atlantic, Mid-West, and New England territories.

If you're interested in becoming a J&J Distributor, request information through our web site or call 800-598-8552.

Trade Shows

Waste Expo: April 29-May 1, 2014 - Georgia World Congress Center
Booth 1720

APWA North American Snow Conference: May 4-6- Duke Energy Center, Cincinnati, Ohio
Booth 811

Eastern Oil and Gas: May 13-14- Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA
Booth 172 Clubhouse

West Branch COG: May 21- Lycoming County Fairgrounds, Hughesville
Booth TBD (Outdoor)

Moshannon Valley COG: May 28- Clearfield County Fairgrounds
Booth TBD (Outdoor)

DUG East: June 3-5- David L. Lawrence Convention Center Pittsburgh
Booth 718

Maryland Association of Counties Summer Conference (MACO): August 14-15- Roland Powell Convention Center, Ocean City, MD
Booth 419

NJ State League of Municipalities: November 18-20- Atlantic City Convention Center
Booth 309