Thursday, February 13, 2014

On The Road with J&J

Ultra Light Crossmemberless (UL): More payload, more profit! This multi-purpose dump body is an excellent solution for hauling asphalt today and shot rock tomorrow. The J&J ultra light steel dump body is comparable to aluminum dump bodies in weight with the proven impact and abrasion resistance of high hard steel.

Material Hauler EVO Smooth Side (MH EVO): The EVO series dump bodies are an excellent solution if you're hauling asphalt, sand, stone, gravel, or coal. The reinforced interlocking double wall panels provide excellent insulation for materials like asphalt. The interior wall is designed to absorb impact, while the outside remains in good condition.

Semi-Elliptical (SE) steel dump bodies are designed to absorb impact and maximize volume. These dump bodies can stand up to a constant diet of big rock or to maximize aggregate payloads. Increase the return on your truck body investment by choosing the J&J Semi-Elliptical steel dump body.

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