Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Letter from Bill Riggs: Looking to the Future

"Just waiting for the sun"... that's what it can seem like to a manufacturer doing business in the snowy mountains of Pennsylvania. However, the J&J staff has been hard at it, starting 2014 project work, improving manufacturing processes, and ramping up for a strong spring. J&J and JJTE backlogs are building, with the energy sector and construction projects driving demand. Approval of federal and state money for road and infrastructure projects along with increases in drilling, mid-stream projects, and energy services has spurred confidence in capital equipment purchases.

J&J is committed to Continuous Improvement as one of the foundational elements of our quality policy and driver of Customer Satisfaction. An example of Continuous Improvement is J&J's 6S and Lean Cell program. In 2013, J&J invested heavily in tooling and cell design for four chassis integration lines (14 work cells) in the main dump body plant. The end result was work cells with common toolboxes, tooling and fabrication equipment, optimized for the installation of hydraulic systems, chassis controls, suspension and frame modification work. Technicians can be moved to any of the four integration lines and are immediately familiar with the location of all tools and the equipment needed to perform the task at hand.

In 2014, J&J will be investing heavily again in other key manufacturing processes to achieve greater efficiencies. How does this help me? When things are "rocking and rolling" this spring and you need to turn trucks, J&J processes are optimized to get your truck in and out, helping you meet your contract or customer commitments.

The entire team at J&J Truck Bodies and Trailers and J&J Truck Equipment is looking forward to a new year with all of its excitement, challenges and rewards. If you are reading this as a customer or supplier or you just have an interest in J&J, we value your relationship and interest in our company. Keep us in mind if you need a strong partner.

Bill Riggs
Welding & Steel

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