Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Long Hauler Turns 15

Fifteen years ago, J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers published its first issue of The Long Hauler. According to Shahira Hoffman, Marketing Communications Manager, "Back then, we started with a very modest circulation of 2,265. Over the years we have grown our lists, and currently, the distribution is close to 17,000. The Long Hauler has been an excellent way for J&J to communicate with our customers, prospects, distributors, and suppliers. The quarterly newsletter is an important part of J&J's direct marketing initiative and is a collaborative team effort. Throughout the years, we've been very happy with the positive feedback we have received regarding our content and pictures. The Long Hauler also demonstrates J&J's commitment to our industry and the customers we serve."

In addition to publishing The Long Hauler, Shahira also maintains J&J's Facebook page which was created in 2010, making J&J one of the very first body companies to secure a social media presence.

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