Monday, November 3, 2014

Trucks Built Your Way!

Colonial Ford Truck Sales ordered a J&J chipper body for their customer’s F550 truck. These custom built bodies come in various sizes and configurations and are most commonly used for landscaping and mulching applications. The aluminum body construction allows owner/
operators to haul maximum payload, increasing
productivity and profitability.
Call today and let J&J put together a 
specification package that meets your needs.

Shively Motors sent J&J Truck Equipment a Dodge Ram 5500 and we installed a aluminum dump body, tool boxes, snowplow, de-icer spreader, and a tarping system. These aluminum dump bodies for one-ton chassis save about 500 lbs. over steel dumps, but offer the same hoist ratings to get jobs done quickly using less fuel.

Why Good Chassis Arrival Dates And VIN Numbers Are Critical

Managing a production schedule is difficult. To salesmen, customers, and individuals that are not involved in work order processing and production planning, it may seem like voodoo and witchcraft, seasoned with a little crazy. It is not. Production planning is based on 4 things:

    1.) Labor availability.
    2.) Raw material availability.
    3.) Long lead time component availability (critical path).
    4.) Chassis arrival date and VIN  (to identify chassis by J&J work order).

To describe something complex, simply, J&J’s production schedule is based on chassis arrival date and the first available production slot (labor) after the chassis arrival date. In certain cases, production may be scheduled based on a long lead time component delivery date (critical path), if that date occurs after the chassis arrival date and after first available production date. J&J has control of items 1 – 3 in the list above. J&J does not have control of number 4 – chassis arrival and VIN. You have control over accurate chassis arrival dates and accurate VIN. 

Bad chassis arrival dates cause major scheduling problems. The first time a chassis arrival date is missed, the corresponding work order rolls back in the schedule one week and a good order (chassis arrived) is pulled forward. If chassis arrival misses the second week, the work order is pulled from the production schedule and placed in “Unscheduled” purgatory until chassis arrival can be validated; then the work order is placed in the next available production slot. The next available slot may be significantly later than the original scheduled date. You may ask, “Why do you do that? It’s not fair.” J&J processes and produces hundreds of work orders a month. Bad chassis arrival dates wreak havoc on the production schedule. Our answer, “It is not fair to customers with work orders that have good chassis arrivals to allow schedule churn for poor communication.”

 What can I do to assure my work orders are produced when scheduled?
•  Provide the best possible chassis arrival date when you place your order with J&J.
• As chassis delivery dates from the OEM become firm, communicate those dates to your J&J sales representative or to the factory.
• Assure your body specifications, chassis arrival, and VINs are firm no later than 3 weeks before scheduled production at J&J.

Help us, help you satisfy your customers and meet their delivery expectations.

Check Out Our Customers!

R.L. Hannah & Sons, a trucking company based in Harrisonville, Missouri, sent J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers this picture of their Peterbilt’s first day on the job with a new dump body. The chassis was mounted with a J&J MH EVO smooth side polished aluminum dump body. R.L. Hannah was founded by Russell Leroy Hannah over 50 years ago with one dump truck. Today his wife, Francis, still runs the company with daughter Sharon Green. They operate a fleet of close to 30 trucks that haul rock, sand, and road salt in Kansas and Missouri.

According to Tim Green,  “This is the first bed I have ever seen that when loaded with 25-30 tons of material the sides didn’t bow out. It didn’t matter, out here where we are, whether aluminum or steel, the sides would bow out but not on this one.”

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